About Us LP

Story of Freshminds Indonesia

Freshminds Indonesia was established in Singapore since 2006, which serves clients mainly from Indonesia and Japan. In 2016, Freshminds Indonesia established its presence as business entity in Indonesia. Freshminds Indonesia is a consulting firm focused on improving organizational capabilities through Talent Development, People Analytics, and Digital Learning.

Founder Profile

Freshminds Indonesia was started by Hartono with support from various experts.

Hartono Zhuang is a cum laude graduate in Chemical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1997 and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the National University of Singapore and Lausanne University in Switzerland in 2002.

His experience before started Freshminds Indonesia:

Our Mission

Empower people to unleash their potential to fulfill their purpose. We believe each person is gifted. Everybody has potential to grow to serve their own purpose and to contribute to society, community, company, and family. Therefore, we help organization to develop their people by optimizing their internal processes and creating learning culture. Optimized internal process happen when culture, business and people are aligned and managed. Sustainable learning culture builds on solid learning architecture and robust learning management system. As a result, every employee grows.

Our Core Values

In Freshminds Indonesia, we believe three things to every aspect of our work: